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Rankings, Portfolio, NFT Top collections, Top sales, Marketplacces



Toon nieuwste sets, de recente sets, de Top sets en alle sets op OpenSea met gegevens over volume, verkopen, prijs, eigenaars en marktkapitalisatie.



Real Time Floor & Volume, Wallet Analysis, Trending sets, What is minting ?



Dagelijks en maandelijks volume op OpenSea



Verkopen per uur



Ethereum gas prices



Activiteit monitoren van prominente wallet adressen



Prijsoverzicht crypto, NFT, DeFi, ...


Supersea https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/supersea/fahpmemkhpdgoodnooghaokmjehjokmd

The supercharged OpenSea experience

Supercharge your OpenSea experience with added features:

* View floor prices inline with items, and calculate the total floor value for a profile's collection.
* Force fetch asset images  from source, to view them seconds after reveal instead of waiting for OpenSea to update.
* Handy quick actions to view an assets raw metadata, and queue it to be updated on OpenSea. 
* Avoid bundle scams with the bundle verification banner. 
* Mass-refresh OpenSea metadata and mass-replace asset images from source metadata
* Members only: View rarity ranks of all items inline. No need to navigate and cross reference from other ranking websites. 
* Members only: Buy items directly from grid and activity list views, going directly to the wallet confirm action with a single click.